A long time ago, who suffered from sight defects could not fully enjoy the wonders offered by the submerged planet, but with the help of masks with graduated lenses, the result of technological research, improvement of materials and production technique, all this was surpassed.

The production of lenses that meet the most varied needs of sight defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia) have extended their technology also for diving activities.

The collaboration between the technicians of our optical centers and the Instructors oand DiveMasters who have proven professionalism and experience, has given the possibility to Occhial House of manufacturing underwater visual aids for the most varied needs.

The production of optical masks with standard ready lenses, with mono-block optical lenses, of specific construction, with the assembly of bifocals made to measure lenses, makes it possible to satisfy all the “sub” requests regarding sight defects.


Light weight masks (approx. 200gr.) with wide angles, made of high density polycarbonate, with minimal buoyancy, resistant to shocks and wear. Facial silhouette in transparent or black silicone, excellent visual comfort, easy and quick adjustment in a wide range of colors. Also available with diopters.


Exclusive design, offering exceptional visibility and low-volume comfort. A new concept side, the quick adjustment buckle Accommodation completes the comfort and ease of adaptation.

Available with corrective lenses.


The most widespread mask in the world.
Ergonomic face buckles. Low weight. Starting from the excellent features of the original version, Mares has designed a smaller face to offer the advantages of X-
Vision a greater number of divers. The MID measuring face is particularly suitable for women and children. The new pink version is dedicated to women.

Why the diving mask is necessary?

In swimming, the use of “swimming goggles” is common, but these are not recommended for underwater activities, as they do not allow the compensation of air that is contained in them. In practice, going deep into the water the air compresses (creating a “vacuum” situation) with the risk of creating damage to the eye and for this reason in the underwater activity the “mask” is used which covers eyes and nose allows, through the air exhaled from the nose, the compensation of the volume of air contained in it. In fact, the underwater masks have a shaped nasal cover so that the “compensation operations” can be carried out.

Swimming goggles

Occhial Housealso offers its customers the “swimming goggles”, which can be made with diotry, with the most varied colors and the most proportionate dimensions for the face. The “swimming goggles” can be used both at the pool and at sea, they are universal for sport and free time. .
Products in polycarbonate (unbreakable), with anti-fog treatment (anti-fog, which allows the drops of water formed inside the eyepiece, given by the different temperatures, not to create that unpleasant “fog” situation), the lenses with internal padding, allow you to be pleasantly worn for longer time.

The protective 100% UV treatment of the lenses, allows the selection of the wavelength to the 380nm in order to protect the eyes from glare.

Ophthalmic lenses for diving

Ophthalmic lenses for diving masks have a range of diopters ranging from + 4.00D to –10.00D for standard lenses. From + 15.00D to –20.00D for construction. Astigmatism can be compensated up to Cil. 4.00D and in some circumstances beyond that. Even the “presbyopic” have no more problems because through the “bonding” system they achieve additional performance of any kind.

Ophthalmic lenses for “swimming goggles”

The “swimming goggles” have a range of ophthalmic lenses ready for molding which varies from + 6.00D to –10.00D according to the proposed models.