OCCHIAL HOUSE – Shop in V.le Abruzzi 60 (Via Paisiello corner):  

Born in Milan in the late 1970s, it is an optical store which broke into the market with its bizarre name and immediately became recognized for its professionalism and competence.
An elegant store where not only you can find the most prestigious eyewear brands in the world, but also pays a lot of interest and attention into investing on hidden and not yet famous brands, in order to give more alternatives to its customers.
There is also a continuous search for cutting-edge products from the pure technical point of view as a consequence of the given effort, experience and professionalism of the whole team.

Via Paisiello, 1
(v.le Abruzzi, 60 corner)
20131 – Milano

Open: from Tuesday to Friday
from 9.30am to 1pm
from 3pm to 7.30pm
Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Tel. 02.29524459

email: ohmilano@occhialhouse.it

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OCCHIAL HOUSE 2 – Shop in V.le Monte Nero 75 (P.za 5 Giornate corner):

The optical lounge in Milan In the late nineteenth-century frame of the circle oh the gates of the medieval Milan, in an absolute historical environment, not usual for an optical store proposes to overturn the traditional design, furnishing it and personalizing it in the name of the most classic of all styles: the mixture of ancient and modern.
A careful research of products, the choice of the most refined design lines, a personalized assistance service, a welcoming and joyful environment, gives the customer the possibility of creating his own look independently.
The second store, which was born in 2002, offer itself as an “alternative” point of view within the optical sphere.


Piazza 5 Giornate, 6
(v.le Monte Nero, 75 corner)
20129 – Milano

Open: from Tuesday to Saturday
from 10am to 1pm
from 3pm to 7pm
Tel. 02.5513990

email: oh2milano@occhialhouse.it

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Via Paisiello, 1 (ang.V.le Abruzzi 60)
20131- Milano
P.za 5 Giornate, 6 (ang. v.le Monte Nero 75)
20129 - Milano


Via Paisiello 1: Tel. 02.29524459
P.za 5 Giornate 6: Tel. 02.5513990